The 1st Film Festival Cinema Made in Italy/Athens, brings a scent of Italy in our screens

The Greek Film Archive, the cultural initiative Tempo Forte, the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens and the Institute Luce-Cinecittà bring a scent of Italy to our screens, and present the 1st Italian Film Festival Cinema Made in Italy/Athens, to be held from the 12thtill the 22nd ofFebruary, on the Greek Film Archive’s platform

16 new Italian films, from the greatest international film festivals, will be screened—starring Alida ValiPaolo Conte, Marina Abramović, Roberto Benigni, Elio Germano, Pierfrancesco Favino and many other famous actors.

National premiereswebinars and lotteries for free pizza, dinner at an Italian restaurant on Valentine’s Day and Italian lessons for a lucky winner, on a wonderful journey to the homeland of Fellini, Visconti, Pasolini and Antonioni.

This is the first online film festival in Greece, focusing exclusively on Italian cinema, and as noted by the director of the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens, Anna Mondavio “it presents a panorama of Italian society, with its dreams; changes; daily life; its doubts and its memories. This is a first-rate opportunity for the Greek public, to further acquaint itself with its neighbor, with whom they share cultural, economic, scientific and most importantly, friendly ties—founded on distinguished kinships, going back centuries. For all these reasons we hope, that this festival will be established on an annual basis”.

As Maria Komninos, president of the Greek Film Archive, additionally notes “the program covers all the contemporary trends of New Italian cinema. A cinema, which has paved the way for young auteurs, and which continues along contemporary traditions, either in its stylistic choices or in the difficult paths it treads,  inspired by the Taviani Brothers—with themes  inspired by family; love and the politics of identity in contemporary  Italy”.

More information will soon follow, on the Film Archive’s webpage ( and on its Facebook ( and Ιnstagram pages ( 


The festival will open, with the Greek premiere of the exciting documentary We Are the Revolution (La rivoluzione siamo noi) by Ilaria Freccia; which observes how Italy, in the period of 1967-1977, was transformed into an international hub of the artistic avant-garde. During this restless decade, great artists such as Marina Abramović, Herman Nitsch, Joseph Beuys, but also our very own Jannis Kounellis, experiment freely with visionary and challenging languages; creating an art that is an expression of social and political change. It is the age of Arte Povera, a tendency by new artists to question the transformation of art into a commodity—and of art in general; thus  incorporating  cheap and recycled materials in their work.

On the opening day of the festival (Friday 12/2, from 12 at noon till midnight), the film will be screened free of charge for all. Afterwards, all those who are interested, can watch it by purchasing a ticket. From Saturday 13/2 (at 12 p.m.), all films of the festival, will be available to the public, with the purchase of tickets.


The festival includes 11 fiction films and 5 new documentaries, 12 of which are presented in their Greek premiere. These 16 films documentaries and fiction, are the first or second feature film of their directors, and they have won distinctions and awards in the major international film festivals—BerlinCannes,Venice etc.

We will screen  Italian comedies; romantic and social dramas; films with a focus on childhood and family; mystery films; powerful documentaries including portraits of renowned Italian artists, who have had an international impact (Paolo Conte, Alida Vali). In some of these films, star very popular Italian actors, such as Pierfrancesco Favino and Elio Germano, who won for their performance in these films, the best actorsawards at  Venice and Berlin.

So… These are the 15 films of the program (in addition to the opening film):

*Hidden Away (Volevo nascondermi)

Fiction. Directed by Giorgio Diritti

Elio Germano portrays the painter Antonio Ligabue, one of the most important artists of the 20th century, who was hospitalised in a psychiatric ward. Toni, the son of an Italian emigrant, with physical and mental ailments, lives for years in abject poverty, experiencing marginalisation—yet, he finds the ultimate refuge in painting.

Silver Bear for Elio Germano at the Berlin Film Festival


Fiction. Directed by Salvatore Mereu

Torrential rain has just put out the fire that in a single night ravaged Assandira, a farm-stay deep in the woods of Sardinia. But the rain hasn’t quenched the pain, the endless remorse for the son lost to the flames, the son he was unable to save. The first to arrive are the carabinieri and the young investigating magistrate: Costantino tries to tell them what happened the previous night… The revenge of a local rural community, for a fellow citizen who tries to exploit the region for tourism.

The film was awarded at the Venice Film Festival.

*Bad Tales (Favolacce)

Fiction. Directed by Fabio & Damiano D’ Innocenzo (Fratelli D’Innocenzo)

Small family suburb on the outskirts of Rome: the cheerful heat of summer camouflages a stifling atmosphere of alienation. From a distance, the families seem normal, but it’s an illusion: silence shrouds the subtle sadism of the fathers, the passivity of the mothers and the guilty indifference of adults. But it’s the desperation and repressed rage of the children that will explode and cut through this grotesque facade, with devastating consequences for the entire community. With Elio Germano.

Award for Best Screenplay at the Berlin Film Festival

*The Macaluso Sisters (Le sorelle Macaluso)

Fiction. Directed by Emma Dante (based on her play of the same name)

The childhood, adulthood and old age of five sisters born and raised in an apartment on the top floor of a small block in the suburbs of Palermo, where they live alone, without their parents. A home that bears the marks of the passage of time, as do those who have grown up in it and still live there. The story of five women, of a family, of who goes, who remains and who resists.

The film was awarded at the Venice Film Festival

*Paolo Conte (Paolo Conte, via con me) 

Documentary. Directed by Giorgio Verdelli

Paolo Conte, one of the greatest Italian singer-songwriters, narrates the almost fifty-year story of his life, through his songs, concerts, friends and personal reflections. Appearing in the film—among others—are Roberto Benigni, Isabella Rossellini, Jane Birkin and Patrice Leconte.

The film was screened Out of Competition at the Venice Film Festival

The Disappearance of My Mother (La scomparsa di mia madre)

Documentary. Directed by: Beniamino Barrese

Benedetta Barzini, an iconic fashion model in the 1960s, became a muse to Warhol, Dali, Penn and Avedon. As a radical feminist in the 1970s, she fought for the rights and emancipation of women. But at the age of 75, she becomes fed up and decides to leave everything and everybody behind, to disappear to a place as far as possible from the world she knows. Hiding behind the camera, her son Beniamino tries to keep her close to him. The film turns into a battle between mother and son…

The film was an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival.

*The Dog Snatch (Il colpo del cane)

Fiction. Directed by Fulvio Risuleo

It seems like easy money: dog-sitting an elderly rich lady’s little French bulldog for the weekend. But this is where Marti and her friend Rana are mistaken. From day one they are being troubled by the stealing of the expensive dog and a wild pursuit emerges, in order to get him back. 

The film was screened at the Rotterdam International Film Festival


Fiction. Directed byPhaimBhuiyan

22 year old Phaim (portrayed by the director) is a young muslim of Bangladeshi origins who lives with his family in Torpignattara; a multi-ethnical neighborhood of Rome. During a concert in which he’s supposed to play, Phaim meets Asia, a girl that is his exact opposite: pure instinct, no rules. Between the two it is a sudden attraction and Phaim will need to understand how to reconcile his love for this girl with the most unbreakable rule of Islam: no sex before the wedding night.

The film had its premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival

*Remember? (Ricordi?)

Fiction. Directed by Valerio Mieli

A long love story, seen through the memories of a young couple: recollections altered by moods, their different perspectives, and time itself. The journey through the years of two individuals: united and divided, happy and unhappy. Over the course of the film, he learns that love can indeed last, while she learns to live with nostalgia.

The film received the People’s Choice Award at the Venice Film Festival

*Checkpoint Berlin

Documentary. Directed by Fabrizio Ferraro

A director is in Berlin for the screening of one of his films. Walking through the city, he reflects on the Wall and on the legendary experience of one of his relatives, an uncle who has never been found again, madly out of love and who has since become a passer between the two areas of divided Germany.

*Fortress (Fortezza)

Docufiction. Directed by Ludovica Andò, Emiliano Aiello

Entirely filmed inside Civitavecchia prison, being the prisoners both protagonists and co-authors, “Fortezza” is a free adaptation, of one of the most important novels of the 20th century: “The Tartar Steppe” written by Dino Buzzati. Three soldiers arrive at a solitary military garrison which no longer serves any purpose in defending the place. Waiting in vain for an enemy that will not arrive, military officers are consumed by, on the one hand, the need to give their stay a meaning and, on the other hand, the need to resist the attraction this place holds on them.

The film had its premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival


Documentary. Directed by Mimmo Verdesca

The documentary tells the story of the legendary star Alida Valli through the unpublished words of her letters and diaries. A portrait of the life of Alida, a beautiful young girl from Pula who quickly became one of the most famous and beloved actresses of Italian and international cinema. Those interviewed about Alida Vali are, among others:Roberto Benigni, Dario Argento, Bernardo Bertolucci, Vanessa Redgrave, Charlotte Rampling, Margarethe von Trotta.

The documentary was presented at the Cannes Film Festival (Cannes Classics)

*Sirley (Maledetta Primavera)

Fiction. Directed byElisaAmoruso

1990. Nina is 13 years old and has an incredibly messy family. She finds herself catapulted from the centre of Rome in a suburban neighbourhood: grey high-rises, boys on scooters and a funny grandmother who spends all of her time gambling on cards. A sudden encounter with the 13 year old, Sirley, from Brazil upsets everything. Their friendship will lead Nina to finally lose control…

The film premiered at the Rome Film Festival

*The Goddess of Fortune (La dea fortuna) 

Fiction. Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek

Arturo and Alessandro have been a couple for over fifteen years, their relationship has been in crisis for a long time. The sudden arrival of two children, left in their care for a few days by a close friend, could give an unexpected turn to their tired routine…

David di Donatello Award for Best Actress and Best Original Song

The film was a huge success in Italian theatres and had over 1.5 million viewings.


Fiction. Directed by Claudio Noce

Summer 1967, Rome, Italy. Valerio is ten years old and has a lively imagination. His life as a child is turned upside down when, with his mother Gina, he witnesses an attack on his father Alfonso by a terrorist group. Fear leaves a dramatic mark on the feelings of the whole family. An acquaintance with a boy, in those difficult days, will change their lives forever.

Copa Volpi Award for Best Male Actor to Pierfrancesco Favino at the Venice Film Festival


*One lucky winner of Cinema made in Italy/Athens will receive Italian lessons–an offer by the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens. Anyone who purchases any film bundle, will automatically participate in the prize-draw.

The Institute, offers an A1 level preparation course (online or in-person) worth 540 euros, which will take place, in the following academic year: 2021–2022. The winner must contact the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens, in early September 2021 (, tel. 210 5242646) to validate their participation.

*Whoever purchases a single ticket, or bundle, by Sunday the 14th of February: Valentine’s Day, will automatically enter the prize-draw, for a free dinner for two at the Italian restaurant Belpaese, at the Acropolis (it goes without saying, that the gift will only be redeemable when restaurants are once again open, after quarantine restrictions).

*Ten lucky winners, who will purchase an Early Bird Bundle by 11/2, will receive a free pizza via delivery or take away, from La Nonna Pizza Bar (Anapafseos 11) in Mets. This specific draw will be actualised on the Film Archive’s social media, and concerns only those who reside in the areas of Athens, that the pizzeria serves home delivery (Mets, Koukaki, Kolonaki, Neos Kosmos, Dafni). It also requires presentation of the proof of purchase of the Early Bird Bundle, upon delivery.


•  PRE-SALE/ Early Bird: From the 5th till the 11th of February those interested can secure the reduced price of 10 euros for all 16 films of the tribute. Do not miss out on this unique offer!

*Ticket: 3 euros. 5 film bundle: 5 euros. 10 film bundle: 8 euros. These prices are valid from the 12th till the 22nd of February.

The following bundles are available:

-Bundle A’ (Young audience)

1. The Macaluso Sisters

2. Il colpo del cane

3. Bangla

4. Ricordi ?

5. Maledetta Primavera

-Bundle Β’ (Renowned Artists—Personalities)

1. Volevo nascondermi

2. La rivoluzione siamo noi

3. Paolo Conte, via con me

4. Alida

5. La scomparsa di mia madre

-Bundle C’  (A selection of fiction & documentary films)

1. Assandira

2. La dea fortuna

3. Padrenostro

4. Checkpoint Berlin

5. Fortezza

-10 film Bundle (A selection of fiction & documentary films)

1. Assandira

2. The Macaluso Sisters

3. Paolo Conte

4. La scomparsa di mia madre

5. Il colpo del cane

6. Checkpoint Berlin

7. Fortezza

8. Alida

9. La dea fortuna

10. Padrenostro

•All films will be screened with Greek subtitles.

•Create your account on the platform, and buy tickets for the films you are interested in. You have 30 hours to complete viewing each film.

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