MUBI Is Offering Three Months of Great Cinema for Free!

Streaming service MUBI is opening up its library for three months

If the prospect of staying home for three months – or possibly more – seems an insurmountable (though of course necessary) task, then MUBI is offering some cultural relief. Responding to the closure of cinemas across the country, and the world, the streaming service is inviting users to enjoy three months of film for free, available to watch online, on your mobile, tablet, TV or gaming consoles.

For those yet to encounter MUBI, it is a world away from Netflix: each day, their team hand-picks a new film which is then available to watch for 30 days. With films spanning from little-known treasures of cinema past to contemporary indies, the curated list takes away the need for the endless scrolling encountered on other streaming services.

This three-month offer is happening in support of We Are Parable, an award-winning film exhibition company founded by Anthony and Teanne Andrews which highlights the best in black cinema. With cinemas closing until further notice, many of their scheduled events – which run by the motto “experience over everything” – will be unable to go ahead. 

Films currently on show on MUBI include Claire Denis’ 2018 sci-fi horror High Life, Ingmar Bergman’s 1978 drama Autumn Sonata – alongside other Bergman movies as part of ‘The Inner Demons of Ingmar Bergman’ season – and Park Chan-wook’s 2005 mystery Lady Vengeance. 

To find out more, visit MUBI’s website.



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